DaddyO dies wellIf you live within easy travelling distance of LA then you might want to check out a new stage production about a man who drinks Ayahuasca at the behest of his step father in order to heal from his depression and other problems in life.

Not being anywhere near LA, I can’t review this myself, but there’s a review in Variety here

If you’re following this blog and manage to see it, please leave your own review in the comments below.

It’s showing at the Electric Lodge Theatre in Venice, CA.

Here are the details from the Electric Lodge website

DaddyO Dies Well

April 2nd through May 22nd

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 2:00pm

General Admission: $25

Legendary Los Angeles-based playwright Murray Mednick directs the world premier of the fifth installment of his “Gary Plays” cycle, a darkly lyrical comedy in which Gary, Mednick’s hardluck protagonist, takes a psychedelic Ayahuasca trip at the behest of DaddyO, his hipster stepfather.  The entire octet of Gary Plays is schedule to be published in March, 2011 by Sideshow Books and distributed by TCG (theatre Communications Group).


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